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Farm Weddings in Southwest Michigan

Amidst all the details and arrangements, some couples just don’t allow themselves to enjoy their wedding day, fusing with all details of decorations, special lighting, parking, catering, and on and on. But at Vineyard 354 Farms, we want you and your guests to have a relaxing, great time, enjoying the fresh air and natural pastoral beauty of a farm wedding in the beauty of Southwest Michigan.

Say “I do!”

We invite you to consider the tranquility of a peaceful stroll through the vineyard, or a casual ceremony at the big red barn. We call it “Casual Elegance”, framing the bride and groom and your guests against nature’s finest display. And when it’s time for the reception, tell your guests: “Come on out to our wedding and relax! We Want To Celebrate!”

Celebrate your special day creating perfect memories of a country farm wedding in the vineyards. We call it "casual elegance", and our staff will do everything we can to make this a perfect wedding day for you, and for your guests. Call Vineyard 354 in Lawton, Michigan to reserve your wedding date.Reserve a Walkthrough

Call us today to discuss your special day and to arrange to visit the farm, select your wedding location, and reserve the day!   Our phone is (269) 299-0369, or drop us an email at .

A Gorgeous, Country Wedding Venue!

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