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Pick-Your-Own Produce

Pick-your-own Farm Fresh Produce

All Pick-your-own is now closed for the season. Please join us again next year for more farm fresh produce at Vineyard 354!


Spend the day with your family in our pick-your-own apple orchards hand-picking our juicy and flavorful apples straight from the branch!


Journeying into our pick-your-own pumpkin patch has become a timeless family tradition for many of our customers! There is something so satisfying about finding a vine of gorgeous, orange pumpkins and claiming that as this year’s perfect pumpkin!

Of course, there are plenty of assorted sizes in between, as well as pumpkins of various colors, shapes and unique textures.  Every pumpkin picker is certain to find the perfect pumpkin!


New in 2015! Pop into our field for farm fresh asparagus! This nutritious favorite is packed with vitamins and fiber and makes a great addition to any meal! Our asparagus is offered as both U-Pick in our fields or We-Pick in the market!

Pick your own delicious, sweet concord grapes right from our vineyards!  These are the same grapes we have grown for Welch's grapes since 1950.  We also have other locally grown fruits and vegetables, a full farmers market, and a lot of fun activities on the farm, at Vineyard 354 farm in Lawton, Michigan. Grapes

Now you can pick your own big, sweet, juicy concord grapes—delicious grapes just like those we grow for Welch’s Grape Juice, America’s #1 Juice!

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