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Pick-Your-Own Grapes

Pick Your Own Sweet, Juicy GrapesPick big, sweet, juicy concord grapes directly from the vine, the same grapes we grow for Welch's grapes.  We also have locally grown vegetables and other fruits, pyo pumpkins and a super fall festival, at Vineyard 354 farm in Lawton, MI.

Grape pick-your-own is now closed for the season. Please join us again next year for more farm fresh grapes at Vineyard 354!

Now at Vineyard 354 Farm, you can pick your own big, sweet, juicy concord grapes—delicious grapes just like those we grow for Welch’s Grape Juice, America’s #1 Juice!

Yes, you can be assured these grapes are top quality, as we grow over 18 acres of concord grapes specifically for the National Grape Cooperative—Welch’s Grapes! Everyone knows about Welch’s, but click here if you want more information!

The grape harvesting takes place sometime in mid-September to mid-October depending on when the grapes have exactly the perfect sugar solid levels.   There will be lots of great fall activities and fall produce, but if you are coming specifically to pick your own grapes, please give us a call to see when our grapes are likely to reach perfection!