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Our Story

Our Story

Vineyard 354 Farm is owned by Doug and Lisa Barnett, members of the Derhammer Family that has been farming grapes since the early 1900s. In the 1950s, the family farm joined the National Grape Cooperative, owners of Welch’s Grapes.

The farm currently grows 18 acres of concord grapes that are delivered to the National Grape Cooperative, Welch’s. They also grow asparagus, corn, blackberries, and much more. Stop by the market right on the farm for a great afternoon!

Visit a traditional, family farm and vineyards growing Welch's grapes, locally grown produce, and lots of family fun, at Vineyard 354 in Lawton, Michigan. A True Family Farm

Today, there are four generations involved in the farm.   The day to day management of the farm is coordinated by Doug’s aunt and uncle, Joe and Jan Dragicevich. They provide years of experience in assuring the high standards of Welch’s grapes, from the field to market.

Doug’s mother, Darlene Barnett runs the market, making sure all the shelves are fully stocked, and enjoys meeting our customers and seeing to it that everyone has a wonderful visit. She is joined by Doug’s grandmother, Marion Hobaugh. Together they keep a watchful eye to be sure we provide our guests the top quality they’ve come to expect.

Doug and Lisa manage the farm’s finances, agency requirements and though they do not live on the farm, but commute and continue to be very involved in the farm’s day to day operation. Their children, Brandon, Justin and Nicolas all are involved in cleaning the vineyard and learning the family business.

We look forward to your visit!